Health & Dental

Eligible employees may enroll in health and/or dental coverage. The plan carrier for health coverage is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) - HealthMate Coast-to-Coast and Delta Dental PPO Premier for dental coverage. Pharmacy is not included in your health plan, but you are automatically enrolled in prescription drug coverage when you enroll in health coverage with PSD. Pharmacy coverage is provided by CVS Caremark.

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) employers are required to provide a Summary of Benefits and Coverage notice to help assist employees make informed decisions regarding employer provided health insurance. 

Summary of Health Plan Benefits (Teachers and Administration)
Summary of Health Plan Benefits (Council 94)
Summary of Dental Plan Benefits
2021-2022 Health and Dental Plan Rates

Prescription Drug Coverage

CVS Caremark is the PSD pharmacy benefit manager (PBM).  Employees are automatically enrolled in this prescription drug coverage if they enroll in a health plan.  Subscriber ID cards are sent to employees’ home addresses and should be presented for all prescription drug purchases. Members can create an account on to access their pharmacy benefits.  There is some good functionality on the website that employees may find useful such as pricing out prescriptions, seeing recent claim activity, viewing the formulary and searching for in-network pharmacies and ordering replacement subscriber ID cards.

CVS Caremark uses a formulary, which is a list of all covered drugs.  The formulary as of January 1, 2022 can be seen below, as well as a list of exclusions.

Covered Drug List Formulary: January 2022

Memo: Cap on Insulin Copayments: February 2022

Behavioral Health Flyer: Blue Cross is now directly overseeing all behavioral health services. This is a quick reference guide on how to obtain services, finding the right provider, and also provides an overview of the various types of services and programs that are available to members.