PSD Weather/Emergency Decision Protocol

Weather or emergency decisions that could affect in-person learning or result in school cancellation will be finalized by the Superintendent. Whenever possible decisions will be made the night before a school day and communicated by 9:00pm.

Decisions that need to be made on the morning of an event will be communicated by 5:00am whenever possible.

Decisions that necessitate an early dismissal or canceling of after school activities will be made by noon on that school day. 

Decisions will be communicated in the following ways:

  1. A phone, email, and text message will be sent through the district’s mass communication system. These contacts are pulled directly from our Student Information System (Aspen). Please make sure your contact information is up to date in Aspen for any of the formats in which you would like to receive a message. The best point of contact for this is the main office of your school. 

  2. Information will be posted to the RI Broadcasters Association which links to all local media outlets.  

  3. Information will be posted to the PSD Website as well as the district’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. 

*Distance learning days are able to be counted as school days in our district calendar per RIDE regulations; The cancelation of an entire school day (“snow day”) results in an additional day added to the end of the school year.