Aspen Registration Instructions

 Please review all registration information below before starting the registration process. 

Click here for the Aspen Online Registration Portal <<

If you have an existing Aspen account:  
If you already have an Aspen account with a student in the district you can access the Online Registration Portal here by using that account. When logged in to the Aspen homepage go to Start a new New Student Registration > +Initiate.  See Step 5 below for an example. 

To create a NEW Aspen account 
Step 1 – Create an Aspen account by selecting the Request an Account Link

Step 2 – If you are new to the district and do not have another child in a Portsmouth School select the I am a parent new to the district. 

Step 3 – Complete the online form with some basic information to create an account. Select Create My Account from the bottom of the form.

There will be a confirmation email sent to the account provided. 

Step 4 –
 Access Aspen with the account information that you created. Your account name will be the email address that you provided.

Step 5 – Select –  From the Aspen homepage go to Start a new New Student Registration > + Initiate (as seen below)


All required documents should be uploaded to the Online Registration Portal under the Documents Tab.
If you do not have a document scanner you can use a smartphone to take an image of your required document and attach them to the document section.
If you are using a phone or tablet you must switch to “desktop view” to proceed with registration.

Admission to Kindergarten 
In accordance with Portsmouth School Committee Policy JEB and  RI General Laws § 16-2-27 (Eligibility for Attendance – Kindergarten)
Every child who has attained, or will have attained, five (5) years of age on or before September 1 of any school year shall be eligible to attend kindergarten during all the days that the kindergartens are in session during the school year. If a child is enrolled in kindergarten, the attendance requirements of  § 16-19-1 shall apply.