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RI Blood Center ~ #1 School in RI (July 2015)

We just received news from the RI Blood Center that Portsmouth High School came out on top, once again as the #1 school in Rhode Island for donating blood.


Not only did we have the most units of blood donated in relation to the size of our student body, but we generated more units than any other school.

Throughout the year Portsmouth Patriots have given of themselves to help others. Hopefully, they learn to make regular blood donation a part of their every day lives for many years to come.


Equally important, though, is the praise we receive regularly from the staff at the RI Blood Center on how mature, courteous, and respectful our students are.  And this praise comes from professionals who work in schools throughout Rhode Island.  Our blood drives are organized, quiet, and make little disruption to the school day.  This is a great example of Patriot PRIDE.


Thank you to all who contributed to the cause.