Golden Apples

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    The Hathaway school-wide behavior expectations support our focus of maintaining a child-centered, positive school climate as well as keeping us, parents and students on the “same page” in regards to behaviors and discipline. These expectations have been reviewed by our teachers in the classrooms and will be the focus of our community meetings throughout the school year.

    Here at Hathaway, our expectations for our students are that they be Ready to Learn, Respectful, Responsible and Safe. These expectations are reinforced daily by our classroom behavior management systems as well as with our Golden Apples. When a student or a class is showing “role model” behavior in these expectations, they receive a Golden Apple that is handed in to our office for a sticker and entered into a weekly drawing for a certificate and gold bead necklace. On a monthly basis, we reward the class who has earned the most Golden Apples that month with a class award and gold bead necklaces.


    The matrix of the behavior expectations broken down in to different areas of the school can be found in the Hathaway School Manual by clicking here.


    Weekly Golden Apple Winners

     Golden Apple Weekly Drawing Winners!