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  • Mrs. Warshauer  


    Welcome to Visual Arts at Hathaway and Melville Elementary School 

    Dear Families,

     I am happy and excited to join Hathaway and Melville Elementary Schools and share my love of art with your children. 

     The Art Curriculum:

    We will be begin our school year with our annual school wide collaborative project titled "Only One You". It is a collaborative project will all grade levels where we will design a rock to look like a fish. Look for our beautiful community rock garden in the first few weeks of school. 

    We will also review the art elements of line, shape, color, form, texture, value and space. Many of our projects will be focus on either one or more of the elements of art. In grades 2 and 3 we will start to learn more about the art principles such as pattern, movement, balance, emphasis, unity and movement.

    Art History- is also a large component of our curriculum. All grade levels will learn about the lives and work of historical and contemporary artists. 

    I will also keep our curriculum lively by incorporating literature, STEAM and learning about art careers. Many of the projects are inspired from picture books and great literature. All grade levels will have projects that connect to art career choices such as Graphic Design, Architecture, Fashion Design, Cartooning and animation as well as many more. 

    Students will also experience a variety of materials and genres. Some genre we will learn more about include portraits, landscapes, realism, abstract art, and cityscapes. Experiences in materials will include painting, sculpture, printmaking, watercolor, drawing, and clay. 

    Class Expectations: It's EASY !!

    1. Listen

    2. Respect

    3. Work Quietly 

    Please contact me if you have any questions at: warshauers@portsmouthschoolsri.org