School Policies

  • School Committees have a responsibility to create policies in order to establish the direction and structure of the school district using the authority granted by state laws.  School Committee policies have the force of law equal to statues or ordinances.  Policies establish the direction for the district as they are designed to set goals, assign authority, and establish controls that make school governance and management possible.  Policies are reviewed by the School Committee on an ongoing basis.  Changes made to policies are in response to state and federal regulations as well as in response to district needs and priorities. 

    In compliance with State Law, each school district is required to post specific information regarding the district as part of the Access to Public Records Act (APRA) requirements.  This information is contained on the district website. If the information you are seeking is not found on this website, you may request copies of existing documents using the APRA Request to Inspect Records.

    The policy and procedures for handling APRA requests are found below.

    Requests should be sent to the Superintendent's Office, to the attention of Amanda Sousa, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, at 29 Middle Road, Portsmouth, RI  02871

    Policy Number

    Policy Name

      Business and Non-Instructional Operations
    3440 Inventories
    3470 Records Retention and Destruction
    3513 Items Unacceptable for Use in Schools
    3514 Furniture and Equipment
    3515 Electrical Devices
    3520 Indoor Air Quality
    3530 Heating
    3600 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
    3610 Crisis Intervention
    3620 Building Security
    3621 Keys/Access Cards/Access Codes
    3631 Climbing Wall Safety
    3700.1 Walkers and Riders
    3700.2 School Bus Code
    4111.1 Educator Code Of Conduct
    4111.2 Leave of Absence
    4111.6 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
    4112.2 Extra-Curricular Positions
    4115.3 Acting Positions
    4120 School Nurse/Teacher
    4134 Participation in Recognition Programs
    4141 Crediting Related Experiences as Teaching Experience
    4147 Health Insurance
    4160 Part-Time, Non-Certified Salary
    4210 Bus Inspection and Driver Certification
    4211.5 School Bus Monitors
    4211.6 School Bus Monitors - Recruitment and Operating Procedures
    4211.7 Video Cameras on School Buses
    4211 School Bus Operations
    4212.1 Summer Maintenance Employment
    4310 Employee Assistance Program
    4340 Employment Contracts
    4341 Operation and Maintenance of Vehicles
    4351 Webmail Guidelines
    4352 Software Licensing, Approval and Installation
    4353 Portsmouth School Department Websites
    4355 Information Technology Equipment
    5100 Comprehensive Health Plan
    5100.1 Health and Wellness
    5111.2 First Grade
    5113 Student Eligibility for Middle and High School Interscholastic Athletics
    5113.1 Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities
    5116 Student Residency
    5117 Student Attendance Areas
    5118.4 Reciprocal and Interdistrict Educational Agreements
    5118.5 International Exchange Arrangements
    5121.1 Release Time for Religious Observance
    5124 Flagging Records of Missing Children
    5125 Student Records
    5126.5 High School Student Recognition Awards/State Championships
    5126 State and National Recognition
    5131.01 Chemical Health and Student Safety
    5134 Student Solicitation at School Events
    5143 Sports Insurance - Interscholastic Sports
    5150 Responsible Use for Network Access
    5151 Electronic Mail (Email) System Policy and Guidelines
    5152 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
    5210 Field Trips
    5310 Parking
    5320 Use of Bicycles for Transportation to and from School
    5330 Skateboards/Roller Skates On School Property/School Buses
    5411 Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
    5800 High School Yearbook
    6010 Comparability of Staff and Services
    6111 School Calendar
    6116 Inclement Weather or Other Emergency
    6117 Early Dismissal or Cancellation of Local Schools
    6140 Curriculum
    6143 Curriculum Guides
    6144.5 Social Networking and Text Messaging
    6145 Electronic Calculation
    6148 Selection of Instructional Materials
    6149 Textbook Replacement and Modification
    6150 Interscholastic/Intramural Athletic Program
    6155 Sex Education
    6160 Homework
    6165 Exclusion of a Child from Instruction Because of Religious Beliefs
    6200 Gifted and Talented Education
    6210 Procedures for Service to Students by Non-Staff Members
    6400 Unsafe School Choice