Virtual High School (VHS)

What is Virtual High School (VHS)?

Imagine students working cooperatively online with others from a wide variety of ethnicities, backgrounds, and geographic locations.  Virtual High School classes take place entirely over the Internet.  There is no need for special software or hardware.  Anywhere you have access to the Internet, you can take a VHS class!  Students can post work to their class anytime, day or night.

For More Information about 
The Virtual High School, please visit their website.

As a VHS student you will:
Have access to unique courses that might not be available at Portsmouth High School or course scheduling conflicts occur.
> Gain essential 21st century learning skills such as multimedia presentation, online collaboration, communication, and team-building.
> Collaborate with students from other states and countries.
> Helps students to enhance their studies and move faster and further.

A Day in the Life of a VHS Student
What is it like to take VHS course ?  Click here to read more !

Interested in VHS?
Please contact your PHS or PMS School Counselor for more information on VHS. 
PHS Guidance: 401.683.2124
PMS Guidance: 401.849.3700

VHS Announcements

Registration opens for Fall 2022-2023 courses on May 5, 2022

Classes will begin for 2022-2023 courses on September 7, 2022.

The add/drop ends on September 13, 2022 (4:00 p.m. EST)

For More Information on The Virtual High School Academic Calendar, please click here

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VHS Forms

Registration Form
Please download and work with your School Counselor to fill out the form.