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    Non-Public School Textbook Program

    Textbook Ordering Instructions


    Portsmouth residents who have children in grades K-12 attending non-public schools may request textbooks to loan through the Portsmouth School Department in mathematics, science, foreign language, history and language arts.  To make this request, please follow the steps below to ensure you obtain the textbooks your student(s) need in a timely manner. Please note - All textbooks currently on loan for the 2016-2017 school year must be returned before requests for additional texts can be placed for the 2017-2018 school year.  Damaged or lost textbooks must be paid for prior to ordering new textbooks. The deadline for ordering textbooks is July 1, 2017.  Requests received after the deadline may not be fulfilled. 

    Ordering Textbooks 

    Step 1Verify the textbook(s) you are requesting are approved

    Visit the Rhode Island Department of Education website and enter in the information for each textbook.  Only textbooks that are approved by the Rhode Island Department of Education qualify for this program.

    Step 2Submit your textbook(s) request

    Click HERE (link will be deactivated after July 1) to enter in your textbook requests.  The textbook title, author, publisher, copyright date, and ISBN number MUST be entered for each textbook.

    Step 3Provide proof of residency

    Two proofs of residency must be presented to the Administration Building (29 Middle Rd) before your requested textbooks are ordered.  The following documents will be accepted as proofs of residency:  

    •   Portsmouth Property Tax Bill or
    •   Government Housing Letter or
    •   Copy of Lease/copy of Rental Agreement verified by Town Hall or
    •   Notarized Letter with Property Tax Bill from Portsmouth resident verifying residency of occupant AND 
    •   Current Utility Bill (Phone, Electric, Gas or Cable/Internet)

    Step 4 Pick up your textbook(s)

    Textbooks may be picked up from the Administration Building (29 Middle Rd) 8am-4pm.  


    Questions regarding the Non-Public Textbook Program should be directed to the Central Office Receptionist, at 401-683-1039 ext. 0