• Faculty Staff Advisory Committee Goals

    1. Improve lines of communication and to promote a free exchange of ideas to facilitate the educational process in the school buildings.
    2. Issues should affect/impact a number of faculty members or the entire school/district.
    3. Member issues with other members and contractual issues (including facility issues) should not be addressed through FSAC: 
    • These types of issues should be handled with the building rep. and the Principal.

    Since the FSAC represents the entire faculty, the best strategy is to ensure that all members:

    • Know the issue at hand
    • Consider, identify, and examine every possible solution
    • Have a chance to be heard
    • Respect each other's opinions as valid
    • Clarify points they do not fully understand
    • Can live with the final decision and speak to its validity

    Report back to Staff

    • Share agenda
    • Share minutes

     Any agenda item requests should be brought to your school representative.