• These are the parking policies that seniors agree to when they turn in a signed Parking Application and recieve an assigned parking space.

    When parking on campus, the student will:

    1. Operate their motor vehicle safely, reasonably and in accordance with all applicable traffic laws.
    2. Have their parking permit sticker displayed as directed.
    3. Park appropriately in the space provided.
    4. Maintain proper registration, insurance and inspection and have it available on demand.
    5. Arrive by 7:15 A.M.
    6. Drive no more than 15 MPH while on campus.
    7. Refrain from playing loud music.
    8. NOT park in faculty (red spots) or visitor parking (across from the main office).

    In order to maintain the privilege to park on campus, the student will:

    1. Comply with all other school rules as described in the student handbook.
    2. Adhere to the student/parent agreement as it pertains to participation in extra-curricular activities.

    In the event of the following, parking privileges may be forfeited and/ or revoked for a period of time:

    1. Any breach of conduct that results in the student being suspended from school.
    2. Being late to school ten times - unexcused.
    3. Breaching any of the above provisions describing the proper way to operate the motor vehicle.
    4. Using the vehicle to attempt to leave school grounds without permission or to transport other students who are leaving school grounds without permission.
    5. Parking on campus when privileges have been suspended.
    6. Detentions that are not completed within 5 school days of the detentions being assigned.

    The Portsmouth High School administration reserves the right to:

    1. Suspend or revoke parking because of violations of these parking policies as well as violations of the school disciplinary code.
    2. Search a vehicle given reasonable suspicion of wrong-doing.
    3. Tow vehicles, at the owner’s expense, that are parked on campus in an unauthorized fashion.
    4. Assign a consequence for parking violations.