5th Grade Math and Writing




    We are using  a new math program this year, Go Math.  It provides each student with a workbook and is related to the Common Core Standards.

    Workbooks for each chapter are kept in the classroom in student files.  Chapter books will be sent home at the end of the unit. Students will have access to the math materials online through https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/.  We will take the time to show them how to access it in school and then they will be able to access at home.


    Homework & Technology

    We will be using different websites and online resources in class this year.  Specific sites, logins and passwords will be sent home in planners after students initially use them in class.  


    We are hoping students will be able to use more technology to complete and turn in assignments this year.  There are numerous ways to preview and practice topics we cover class online. To do this effectively, we need to be sure that students have internet access at home.  Please sign and return the attached paper to indicate your child’s ability to access the internet. If your child is unable to access the assignments online, we will provide alternative ways for them to complete their work.


    Homework will be graded as follows:

    100% = completed on time, best effort, thinking shown

    75% = partial completion or late

    0% = Not completed



    Assessments/classwork  75%

    (Tests are weighted twice as much as a quiz.)

    Effort and Participation & Homework 25%