School Bus

    All bus arrival times are approximate and routes/times are subject to change. Parents are advised to have their students at the bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to the stated arrival time.

    Students with disabilities who cannot ride regular buses will be notified of their scheduled pickup time by the bus company.

    Any questions concerning bus stops or scheduled runs should be directed to Deborah Sousa or Donna Medeiros at First Student at 401-683-5130.

    More information can be obtained by calling the school in which your child is enrolled.

    The School Department makes every effort to make school bus service as convenient as possible for all. Occasionally, adjustments and rearrangements of the bus stops are made due to a shift in population. Normally, these adjustments are handled during the first two weeks of school. Busing boundaries have been established for the individual elementary schools, however, they are subject to change in the event of enrollment peaks in classes, grades, or schools. First Student provides the bus service for the Portsmouth Public Schools. The Portsmouth School Department utilizes school bus monitors on all K-8 bus runs and has approved the use of video surveillance cameras on buses to promote safety.

    School Committee policies relative to School Bus Rules and Regulations are on file at each school office and students annually receive notification concerning the School Bus Code.


    WALKING DISTANCE - Policy 5131.2

    Students living beyond the limits listed below shall be provided with bus transportation to and from school.

    High School 1-1/2 miles

    Middle School 1 mile

    Elementary School 1/2 mile

    Exceptions will be made because of health and safety, such as lack of sidewalks, conditions of roads, busy intersections, lack of traffic signals, designated hazardous areas, physical condition of pupils or any other situation which may be deemed to be unsafe.