Danielle Laurie  

    Welcome parents, families, caregivers and friends of the Melville Community.  My name is Danielle Laurie and I am Melville School’s Principal. 

    I am very connected to the Melville community and  it is a great honor to serve you.  The Portsmouth School District has an amazing commitment to students and a distinctive reputation of excellence. With your support and collaboration we will soar to new heights.   

    Melville is dedicated to working with our families and community to ensure that our students reach the highest levels of academic excellence. Our Melville staff does this through collaboration and open communication.  In doing so, we have created an environment that challenges our students and supports our school. Our professional learning community is strengthened by shared leadership, the involvement of all stakeholders, and anchored by a strong vision.  The mission of Melville Elementary School is to provide all students with a strong academic foundation through diverse and challenging instruction in a safe and nurturing environment, enabling them to achieve their greatest potential while developing self-confidence, respect, responsibility, compassion, and a love of learning.

    At Melville, we support parent, family and community involvement in our student’s education, and welcome the opportunity to connect with you.  My teachers and I are active members of our school’s parent-teacher group (MPTG) and encourage you to join.  This is a terrific opportunity for us to discuss what is going on at Melville, both academically and community-based. 

    I believe in open communication and am always available to meet or speak with families to  discuss our school community.  Please feel free to contact me with positive feedback, along with any concerns you may have.  Working through any issues or concerns as a team will lead to resolutions that will support our students.  I look forward to welcoming all of our new families and developing the necessary partnership to ensure that Melville School is meeting your educational expectations.    



    Danielle L. Laurie,  M.Ed.

    Melville School Principal