• Our top priority is the safety of your child to and from school!

    We urge you to use BUS TRANSPORTATION to and from school whenever possible. It is very important to maintain a CONSISTENT routine for your child. This allows us to maintain the smoothest and safest arrival and dismissal.


    Drop Off

    • If you are transporting your child to school, the student drop off will be at the cafeteria end of the building between 8:30 and 8:45am. Parents will enter the designated U-turn area and drop off their child before exiting. Students will enter through door 9 (cafeteria). At 8:45, the door will be closed.
    • If your child arrives late, after 8:45 A.M., you must come into the office with your child and sign him/her in. Every student who is tardy must be issued a pass before entering the classroom.  Please park in the back lot by the cafeteria/gym and escort your child to the office by way of the sidewalk next to the gym.  Parking in the back is safest for all students as some buses arrive late and will need clear access to the front of the school.  No cars should be in the front circle with any buses in park or transit.


    Pick Up

    • A note needs to be on file that your child will be a parent pickup and also must state authorized people who are allowed to pick your child up.  Please park in designated spots in the back lot by the cafeteria/gym or on Alan Ave. on right side facing the school. Enter through Door 9 and exit through Door 8 with your child after signing your child out with designated staff.