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    Our Mission Statement


    The Mission of the Portsmouth Middle School Counseling Program is to provide assistance, in all aspects of academic, career and social/emotional growth, to students and families who participate in our learning community in order to grow each student, to the best of his or her ability, into a respectful, responsible and productive citizen.


    Student Support Specialist

    Michelle Michno



     Guidance Counselors


    Rebecca Caron (Grades Five and Six )


    Francesca Faria (Grades Seven and Eight)



    Please contact the main office upon requesting a parent conference with a team of teachers at

    401-849-3700 ext. 3609.


  •           Our Role

    The Guidance Counselor’s role at Portsmouth Middle School is to assist students in their development both academically and socially and are available to:

    • Have contact with students, parents, teachers and administrators.
    • Liaison for Evaluation Team Meetings, IEPs , 504s and various other meetings.
    • Coordinate Career Days for various grades.
    • Coordinate After School and Career exploration activities.
    • Assist with standardized testing and provide make-up sessions.
    • Monitor students’ grades, test scores and review scores for awards.
    • Transition students from the Middle School to High School and from Elementary to the Middle School and orient new students to PMS.
    • Review quarterly grades.
    • Provide individual counseling on a short term basis.
    • Write student referrals and recommendations.



    7 ways  
    Seven Ways to Help Your Child Have a Great School Year   

    1. Create and Afterschool Routine    

    2. Keep a Family Calendar

    3. Focus on Friendship

    4. Look for Quality Activities

    5. Spend Some Time at School

    6. Create Two-Way Communication

    7. Read All Information the School Sends Home

    8. Read the Handbook with Your Fhild and Discuss its Importance

    9. Become Familiar with School Professional Staff

    10. Develop Healthy Habits-physical health, proper nurtrition and enough sleep

    11. Enjoy Yourself and Your Child's Middle School Years-They Go By Fast

  •  study skills

          Study Skills


    1. Pay Attention in Class

    2. Take Good Notes

    3. Keep an Organized Notebook

        for Each Subject

    4. Know the Purpose of

        Each Assignment

    5. Ask Questions in Class


         It Can Help You Retain 80%

         of the Information.

    6. Plan a Definite Time and Place

        for Studying Each Day

    7. Study for Awhile and Take

        Short Breaks

    8. Don't Cram for Hours the Night  

        Before a Test.

        Study a Little Bit Each Day