• Advisor: Mr. Arsenault

    The Portsmouth High School Green Club is a group which strives to educate about and implement sustainability and care for our environment.  We hold events such as Earth Day Fest in April, which includes fun activities and information available to students who want to learn more about sustainability and the environment. We were able to acquire recycling bins for every classroom along with signs stating what can and cannot be recycled. In addition, we host several e-waste drives in conjunction with beach and neighborhood cleanups throughout the town of Portsmouth during the school year. We look forward to expanding our horizons further in the near future, looking into streamlining school trash removal and exploring composting possibilities for example. If any of these activities sound appealing, or if you have any ideas of your own, we invite you to join us at our meetings, held every other Thursday in room B-4 after school. We look forward to seeing you there!