Overview of the Social Studies Department

  • The social studies curriculum seeks to introduce students to the methods of research of the social scientist. Our core subjects are geared toward providing students with the ability to interpret, organize and clarify their cultural heritage. The courses also seek to develop the knowledge and skills necessary in the area of human relationships.

    In the 9th grade, students will study major culture groups of various regions of the world. A global perspective is stressed so that students gain an insight into the culture of our fellow humans in an ever shrinking world. Geography is a major component of the course. In addition, the culture, the impact of imperialism, and modern concerns of each of the major regions are examined.

    In the 10th grade, students will study European History beginning with the Renaissance. Particular emphasis will be placed on acquiring knowledge of the impact of the individual on the human story.

    In the 11th grade, students are given an opportunity to concentrate on the major historical, political, social, and economic themes that have developed in the U.S. and to relate them to contemporary problems. This is done with the understanding that in a heterogeneous society such students should develop sensitivity to, and a respect for, difference in customs, habits, behavior, thought patterns, and personalities of others. 

    A.P. United States History is an option for students meeting the course recommendations. Students in 11th grade will study history in an interdisciplinary arrangement with the English department.

    In the 11th and 12th grade elective program, students are given an opportunity to develop further insights concerning human relationships by course offerings such as Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Western Civilization.

Learning Expectations

  • Students who successfully complete CCAs in Social Studies demonstrate proficiency in school-wide learning expectations #1 & 3:

    Expectation 1. Access and critically analyze information to answer questions and explore ideas

    Expectation 3. Write proficiently for a variety of purposes