Login Issues

  • New Students

    • Please check with your Counselor or the Library staff. 

    Returning Students

    • Please click here to have your network/Google or Student Aspen Portal password reset.


  • So You Have a Damaged Device

    • Before submitting the Repair Request Form, reboot the device, restart your wireless router, make sure you are connected to the internet and signed in with your school account.
    • If you are a Full-time Distance Learner
      • a guardian must complete the online form below
      • call the school and make an appointment to bring the damaged device to the main office during regular school hours
      • a loaner will be provided
      • you will be contacted by the main office when your Chromebook is repaired and ready for pick-up  
    • If you are a Hybrid Learner
      • go to the PHS Patriot Library to fill out the online form below
      • exchange your damaged Chromebook for a loaner
      • you will receive an email from the library when your Chromebook is repaired and ready for pick-up 
    • What is "Damage"? 
      • Physical damage - not connection or operating software issues
      • Screen: cracks, disturbance, liquid display, anything that prevents the screen from working correctly
      • Keyboard: missing keys, malfunctioning keys, stuck mousepad, etc.
      • Battery: not charging
    • Chromebook Repair Request Form

    So You Need a Chromebook

    • Students must use a district-issued Chromebook. There is no Bring Your Own Device Policy at Portsmouth Schools. 
    • If you have not yet received a Chromebook from the IT department, a guardian must complete this Chromebook Sign-off Form.
      • If you are a Full-time Distance Learner, you will be contacted to pick up the device in the main office at the school. 
      • If you are a Hybrid Learner, you will be contacted to pick up the device in the school library.

    Odds & Ends

    • Stickers are not allowed to be affixed directly to the district device. If you purchase a shell casing, you can put stickers on the shell. 
    • Students should power-refresh their device on a regular basis to ensure that auto-updates run.