Overview of the Science Program

  • The mission of the Portsmouth Science Curriculum is to prepare all students to be scientifically literate, enabling them to meet the challenges of a rapidly expanding body of knowledge within a changing, increasingly technological, and complex global society. The Science Department is committed to a hands-on, inquiry approach for the science education of all of our students at Portsmouth High School.

    All students are required to take three successful years of science to complete graduation requirements.  In line with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), it is strongly recommended, however that each student select courses to cover the four science disciplines of earth and space science, biology, chemistry and physics.  Knowledge and skills in all four areas is the best preparation for a responsible citizen of the world in the decades ahead.

    All courses are designed to prepare students for post-secondary education. All honors and Advanced Placement courses demand a high level of skill, motivation and time commitment on the part of the student. 

    The Science Department focuses on developing the following inquiry skills:

    • Asking Questions and Defining Problems
    • Planning Investigations
    • Carrying Out Investigations
    • Analyzing and Interpreting Data
    • Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions

Learning Expectations

  • Students who successfully complete CCAs in science demonstrate proficiency in school-wide learning expectations #1 & #2:

    Expectation 1. Access and critically analyze information to answer questions and explore ideas

    Expectation 2. Utilize effective problem solving strategies