About the Math Department

  • The Mathematics Department has a Program of Studies that provides courses and
    instruction for all students and satisfies the great variety of needs and abilities of
    students in mathematics.

    Math courses offered are aligned with the Common Core State Standards and with
    Portsmouth High School’s Mission and Student Learning Expectations.

    All courses require all students to:

    • Analyze math information and demonstrate acquired math knowledge and skills through formative and summative assessments - including comphrehensive course assessments (CCAs), oral participation and projects.
    • Solve math problems numerically, algebraically, geometrically and graphically.
    • Communicate both independently and cooperatively to logically organize the problem solving process.
    • Demonstrate proper techniques and strategies, utilizing technology, for effective problem solving.
    • Use mathematical terminology in oral and written explanations.
    • Access and gather mathematical information through the use of various technologies.


Math Summer Work 2018

Learning Expectations

  • Students demonstrate proficiency in school-wide learning expectations #1 & #2 by successfully completing the CCAs in their Mathematics course.

    Expectation #1: Access and critically analyze information to answer questions and explore ideas.

    Expectation #2: Utilize effective problem solving strategies. 


Course Sequence

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