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    Welcome to Ms. Lalli's Math Webpage


    Below are the math topics we will be covering this year! 

    Please use the Homework Google Doc to check the math homework that has been assigned.  

    Please contact me at lallij@portsmouthschoolsri.org if you have any questions!  




    The Students in Grade 6 will be using the GO MATH! math series.  


    Common Core Standards: Common Core Standards K-High School


    Any questions about specific lesson within these topics, please contact your child’s math teacher!  


    1.  Integers
    2.  Factors and Multiples
    3.  Rational Numbers
    4. Operations with Fractions
    5. Operations with Decimals
    6.  Representing Ratios and Rates
    7.  Applying Ratios and Rates
    8.  Percents
    9.  Generating Equivalent Numerical Expressions
    10. Generating Equivalent Algebraic Expressions
    11.  Equations and Inequalities
    12. Relationships in Two Variables
    13.  Area and Polygons
    14. Distance and Area in the Coordinate Plane
    15. Surface Area and Volume of Solids
    16. Displaying, Analyzing, and Summarizing Data
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  • Students in GPS this quarter will need a basic 4 operation calculator!  Thank you so much for your support with this!  

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