• Mr. Greg Sullivan

    Welcome to my webpage!


    *  Physical Education teacher - grades 6,7,8

    *  Health education teacher - grade 5 

    *  Boys basketball coach

    *  "March Madness" intramural basketball coordinator

    *  5th grade after school basketball club

    *  5th grade after school hockey club 


    Contact - sullivang@portsmouthschoolsri.org



    Physical Education Grading Policy

    Weekly Participation (85%)

    2 Points for Participation - Demonstrates on task participation by being engaged in the activity for the entire class

    1 Point for Behavior- Demonstrates and models positive behavior and attitude

    1 Point for Warm-ups- Jogging the entire 3 minutes and various locomotor movements for 1 minute. Static and Dynamic Stretching

    1 Point for Class Materials- Is prepared with all materials to participate safely during class

    Written Test (10%)

    Written Homework (5%)




    Grade 5 Health Curriculum

    (Topics are in the order that they are presented throughout the quarter)


    Personal Health Triangle – What makes up your overall personal health? (Physical, social, mental/emotional)  Why are all three sides of the health triangle equally important?

    Healthy Habits – What are different ways to promote each area of your personal health?

    Decision Making – Why is it important to understand how to make difficult decisions?  What is the decision making process and how can you effectively use it?

    Social Behaviors – Why is the way we interact with others important to our overall health?  What are some of the common social behaviors that students see in the middle school?

    The heart – What is the purpose of the heart in your body?  How does the heart function in your body?

    Heart rate and fitness components – How is your heart affected through exercise? What are some things you could do to improve the way your heart functions?

    Stress - How does stress affect your personal health?

    Coping Strategies – How can coping strategies help you effectively deal with stress?  What are some effective coping strategies?

    Personal hygiene – How does hygiene have an important role in our overall health?