Mr. Paul Elias

Phone: (401) 683 2124


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts: Portuguese, Spanish + Education Master of Arts in Teaching Foreign Literature and Language - Spanish/Portuguese CollegeBoard Certified Advanced Placement Spanish Language and Culture Teacher Certification in Portuguese Studies from the Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal

Mr. Paul Elias


When we embark on the study of a language not our own, we are initiating a learning adventure which, over and above the invaluable acquisition of another language, can confer upon us multiple educational benefits, capable of exerting a profound influence on our perceptions of the world around us and of permanently enriching and enlarging our appreciation and understanding of ourselves and of others.  Language learning is never just about words.  Language is the medium in which human beings think and by which they express what they have thought.  The study of language, any language, is therefore the study of everything that pertains to human nature, as humans understand it.

To afford our students a more effective second language program, the curriculum used will integrate the study of language with the study of culture, which includes daily life, history, literature, visual and performing arts, mathematics and science.  In this way, our language program will create natural links to all other disciplines.

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