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    Scholastic Requirements for Modern World Languages Honor Societies

    French, Portuguese, Spanish

    Sophomore, Junior or Senior students currently enrolled in the study of French, Portuguese or Spanish at Level 3 or higher may qualify to be inducted into one of the Modern World Languages Honor Societies. The societies are:

    • La Société Honoraire de Français
    • Sociedade Honorária de Português
    • Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica



    Selections are made at the beginning of Quarter 3.

    The student must have a minimum of an A- (90) in the language in the three previous semesters. (quarters 1 & 2 of current year, quarters 3 & 4 of previous year, quarters 1 & 2 of previous year)

    The student’s average in all subjects must be a minimum of a B- in the three previous semesters.

    The student must be enrolled in the study of the language at the time of the induction.