Participation in Early Boards - December and March

  • Students who anticipate completing all their Senior Project obligations by March 5, 2020 have the opportunity to present their Senior Project on March 12, 2020 (tentative date).

    In order to present early, you MUST declare your intention to finish by February 3, 2020 by printing, filling out, signing, and submitting to the Senior Project office the Early Presentation Form by:

    March 12, 2020

    • Space at the Early Board opportunity is limited to 30 students.
    • Presentations will take place on a schedule that will be determined once we know how many students qualify.
    • You must be willing to stay after school until 3:15, if necessary, to take part in Early Boards.

    Space will be awarded to the first 30 students who have completed ALL components by the February 3, 2020 deadline (details below). There will be a waiting list of students who may fill one of the 30 slots if you are ready by March 5th and a spot becomes available.

    If you have questions, start by checking out the FAQ below.

    A student who does not pass the December boards must wait until the regular May boards to present again.

    The form asks you to verify that you intend to be finished with the following tasks no later than:

    • March 5, 2020.

    To qualify for Early Boards you must:

    • Fill out the Early Presentation Form and hand-deliver it to one of the coordinators by March 12, 2020.
    • Do all of the following no later than March 5, 2020 for the March 12, 2020 (tentative date) boards:
      • Signed Ethical Commitment form
      • Signed Mentor Consent form
      • Signed Parent Release form
      • Signed Mentor Evaluation of the Product - signed by mentor
      • Time Log of all hours (minimum of 15 - may not include research or work not directly related to the product creation) initialed and signed by mentor
      • Signed Interview Verification Form signed and completed by your interview subject
      • Five completed annotations - using proper format; one MUST be an interview with an expert that can help answer Essential/Supporting Questions accompanied by a signed Interview Verification form)
      • Five complete reflections totaling a minimum of 1250 words and including a minimum of 10 photographs (see the template for the reflections for guidance) (correct format with word count at the end of each entry)
      • A complete website that contains everything on this Website Checklist
      • Completed the SP 2020 Sharing Your Website with Judges Google Form
      • Completed the Technology Needs Google Form
      • Have completed a dress rehearsal of your presentation with at least one faculty member who has watched you practice your presentation and has provided feedback. Email us a confirmation of this event and include the name of the faculty member.

    Please see the Presentation Tab for details about your presentation.


    Q: What if I haven’t finished my product yet? Can I still apply for early boards?

    A: You may apply even if you are still working on your product. Applying just means that you intend to have everything finished by the specified deadline.


    Q: What happens if I apply, but then I don’t get everything finished by the specified deadline?

    A: Your name will be taken off the list of potential presenters and you present in May during the regular time.


    Q: Does my website have to be finished in order to present early board?

    A: Yes, you must finish everything as if we were approaching the boards in May. Only students who have completed everything may present their Senior Projects (this standard applies in December, March, and in May).


    Q: How do I know what I have to finish to qualify for early boards?

    A: Please read the instructions above and check the tabs for the presentation. If you still have questions, please see Mr. Innis or Mr. Breault.


    Q: Do I have to do a dress rehearsal by the deadline?

    A: Yes, this is considered one of the preliminary tasks that must be completed by the deadline. You should continue to practice between the deadline and your scheduled presentation time, but you have to do your initial practice (your dress rehearsal) before the deadline.