• Emily with Family

    Dear New Student,

    As you read this letter, I’m sure there’s a lot going through your mind about starting another year at a new school. Leaving what you know and starting over is never easy. It forces you to try new things and experiences you’re not used to and may not have been as open to before. I know because I was in the same position you’re in right now and I’ve been in that position countless times throughout my life.

    My dad is in the military and I was a new student my senior year at Portsmouth High School just like you’re coming in as a new student now. I’ve moved fourteen times in my life but moving during high school my senior year was especially difficult. Fitting in with a group of kids who have been with each other since they were infants was difficult. Being honest with myself, I know I was not as open to making new friends when I first arrived here. I know the feeling of missing your old friends and school every day, wondering why you had to move.

    I’m not writing this letter to tell you not to have these feeling because it is inevitable that you will and it’s normal. However, there is nothing wrong with making new friends. Over time I found the key is to be open to things that are different than you’re used to. If I have any regrets, it would be not having this positive and open attitude when I first came here because as I did begin to make new friends, I found the people I’ve met here have become friends I won’t forget.

    Rhode Island has a lot of opportunities, experiences, and lessons to offer you as long as you’re willing to take advantage of them. Things will come together for you here and I hope you’ll find that Rhode Island is a great place to live!

    Best of luck!

    Emily Ciocca