Some clubs are sanctioned and supported by the school.  That is, an advisor is appointed by the administration to supervise and adminster club activities.  Clubs in this category are co-curricular and reflect a connection to the PHS Program of Studies.  From time to time they may conduct activities during the regular school day with the permission of the principal.  Examples of sanctioned clubs are: Student Council; Class Executive Boards; Band & Jazz Band; Cyber Patriots; Math Team; Mock Trial; Oceanography Club; Science Olympiad; Green Club; etc.

    Other less formal / ad hoc clubs are simply recognized by the school and allowed to meet on campus after-school hours with a volunteer faculty advisor.  These clubs generally reflect the common interest of a group of students who wish to pursue their interest in a supervised environment after school.  Clubs in this category may vary from year to year depending on student interest and availability of volunteer supervisors.  Examples of ad hoc clubs are: New Patriots; Book Club; Circle of Friends; Philosophy Club; Ski/Snowboard Club, etc.