Students should not arrive prior to 7:00 am.  Cafeteria doors are opened at 7:00 am, at which time busses are unloaded and students enter directly into the cafeteria.   Breakfast food is available for purchase.  School doors and hallways are opened at 7:15 am.  Student traffic in the halls is restricted prior to 7:15am. 

    Students that arrive prior to 7:15 am should be dropped off by the cafeteria and enter directly into the cafeteria on the east side of the building.  

    At 7:20, a five-minute warning bell will ring.  Classes begin at 7:25.  All students must be in their class by 7:25 or they are considered tardy for the day.  

    Students are expected to be in school on all days and hours that the school is in session.  Any student who is not able to attend school must have a parent notify the school of the absence before 8:30 am.  Please call the PHS Attendance Line at 401-254-4998 ext. 505 to leave a voicemail message clearing stating the student name, grade, and reason for absence.  The attendance line is available 24-7, so there is not need to wait until the main office is open.

    When a student is not in attendance, it is expected that the student shall make up all work missed.  It is the student's obligation to arrange for all make-up work.  Absenteeism may have a negative impact on the learning outcomes made by the absent student.  In addition, excessive absenteeism shall affect course credit.

    Appointments should be scheduled so as not to interfere with the students' education, however, in the event a student needs to be dismissed during the school day, the student must bring a handwritten note to the main office prior to block 1 or during the advisory period.  The note must be signed by a parent/guardian and state the dismissal time, the reason for dismissal, and a phone number that the main office may reach you at to confirm the dismissal.  

    PHS employs an alternate day, block schedule using a total of eight periods.  Periods 1-4 meet on "A" days and periods 5-8 meet on "B" days.  It is our belief that extended learning periods are more conducive to student-centered learning, authentic assessment, and greater depth of understanding.  The A/B Calendar can be found on the PHS Homepage.

       Bell Schedule
          Block 1:   7:25 - 8:49
          Advisory: 8:53 - 9:06
          Block 2:   9:10 - 10:34
          Block 3: 10:38 - 12:27
          Block 4: 12:31 - 1:55

    Based on the student's schedule, they will be assigned 1 of 4 lunch periods during block 3.  Their lunch assignment may be different on A (period 3) and B (period 7) days.  The lunch assignment will remain for the entire semester.  When classes change for the second semester, the lunch assignments may change.  These assignments will be announced and posted on the first day of each semester.  The lunch bell schedule is as follows:

       Lunch Bell Schedule
          Lunch 1: 10:38 - 10:59

          Lunch 2: 11:07 - 11:28

          Lunch 3: 11:37 - 11:58

          Lunch 4: 12:06 - 12:27

    More information on Food Service & Nutrition can be found here.

     Additional details on all the information posted above can be found in the student handbook.