• Assistant Superintendent's Office
    Teaching & Learning
    Curriculum (what we teach), instruction (how we teach) and assessment (how we know students are learning) are the foundation of the Portsmouth School Department.  We are committed to excellence in teaching. We support all teachers’ professional growth by providing high quality mentoring, coaching, and current and applicable professional development opportunities. 

    The curriculum is the roadmap for learning, focusing on the essential knowledge and skills that result in all students achieving 21st century expectations for learning.  The curriculum is built upon the Common Core State Standards and applicable content area standards.  
    Instruction is the way by which the learning goals established in the curriculum will be achieved; it is the implementation of the curriculum.  The quality of instruction is the single most important factor in student achievement.  Good instruction employs innovative and research-proven teaching strategies utilizing technology and effective instructional resources. 
    Assessments are a cornerstone of effective teaching and learning and take place in many forms as formative and summative in nature, including classroom-based measures, standardized tests, benchmark assessments, and progress monitoring.  Assessments provide a reliable and valid measure of a student's learning, understanding, and growth toward meeting the learning expectations.  Assessments also inform teachers about student achievement in order to adjust curriculum and instruction. 

    Professional Development
    Our educators are supported by high quality induction, instructional coaching, and a comprehensive educator evaluation process.  We are committed to teaching excellence supported by relevant and timely professional development for all staff and to provide support for the Portsmouth School District.